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Take advantage of the potential Google Adwords offers

Google Adwords advertising is an efficient tactical channel, but can also be very resource demanding. Adwords campaigns usually need constant monitoring and optimization to ensure the best possible value of our investment. Maybe the daily budget or the campaign structure needs adjustment, or ads and keywords need optimization.

An optimal Adwords strategy is closely coordinated with other marketing activities, e.g. TV campaigns or social media activities, as these are highly affected by, and have an effect on, the Adwords campaigns. Furthermore, Google constantly develop tools, procedures, policies and analyses, and each of these can either limit or increase the effects, depending on how they are used.

Optimization will always contribute to a more efficient campaign, either by lowering CPC or by increasing conversions. Therefore, it always pays off to have an Adwords specialist administer and optimize your Adwords campaigns.

What can we do for your business?

In short, OFF-ROAD helps you with the following:

  • Developing an Adwords strategy that supports your company’s overall objectives
  • Setting up your campaigns (including ads, keywords and landing pages)
  • Continuous optimization of the campaigns
  • Evaluating, reporting and further recommendations

An Adwords campaign starts out with us together setting objectives for the campaign. An objective could for example be generating sales, specific key points on the website or newsletter signups. We take your objectives into consideration when developing your Adwords campaign. But our job does not end here – we make continuous optimizations to ensure that your campaign obtains the best results. We do so from a holistic perspective, which involves continuously looking at the connection between keywords, ads and finally, the landing page. Our experience shows that this has a big effect on Google Quality Score and thereby the cost per click you end up paying.

OFF-ROAD is officially certified “Google Partner”, which means that OFF-ROAD meets the strict requirements that Google put towards media agencies to become Adwords Certified Partner.


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