Alcon-NovartisBjarki Torbensson, Nordic Retail Manager, Alcon

OFF-ROAD’s strategy involved a larger national TV campaign as well as a massive effort in digital media. The campaign resulted in Systane being one of the best-known brands within the category in Finland today. An analysis showed that Systane’s market share increased significantly during the campaign. The results speak for themselves and we have been very satisfied with our collaboration with OFF-ROAD.

wmnSøren Bruun, Co-founder and CCO, Watz Me Now

Throughout the whole process of developing Watz Me Now – from the idea phase, through preparing the strategic work and on to implementation of our campaigns, we have worked closely with OFF-ROAD. Especially in developing our business in order to efficiently reach our target audiences, our dialogue with OFF-ROAD has been valuable and has contributed to our internal business processes being organized to efficiently utilize digital media in particular. In relation to the tactical and operational tasks of media planning, implementation and evaluation, it has been a pleasure working with the entire team. We were always fully informed about the effects of our campaigns, and there has been a great deal of care taken in ensuring a relevant basis for decisions about development and continuation of campaigns. We have also enjoyed OFF-ROAD’s many contacts in the communication industry, where we have multiple examples of valuable recommendation of collaborators. OFF-ROAD gets my warmest recommendations.

Anders Samuelsen, Party Chairman, Liberal Alliance

OFF-ROAD has handled our media consultancy and media buying since the summer 2011. OFF-ROAD is always dependable, responsible and adaptable to our changing needs. OFF-ROAD understands the challenges that a young party can have “getting though” the media noise and we are very satisfied with the collaboration.

Søren Kenner, Chairman, Liberal Alliance’s Vision Group

OFF-ROAD has serviced Liberal Alliance with media planning and booking during the elections and afterwards. It has been a good experience with dedicated service, processional advice – and we have achieved great results through this collaboration – so OFF-ROAD is a company that I recommend.

Anne Bie, Let it Bie

OFF-ROAD is a strong and competent partner that we are pleased to have found. We are satisfactied with their service level and the dialogue is good, easy and constructive. It is important that our media agency always understands and quickly reacts to our ideas, and that is the case with OFF-ROAD.



OFF-ROAD helps businesses develop digital marketing strategies, conduct audience research, media planning and develop creative solutions and digital activities. Our expertise involves both offline media (TV, radio, cinema, print, outdoor, etc.) and online media (display, SEO, SEM, mobile and social media). OFF-ROAD is a media agency as well as a digital marketing agency. OFF-ROAD has a large network of talented, creative, digital specialists within all disciplines of marketing, advertising, design and web, and we also use our international network regarding international advertising.

Based on your business objectives, opportunities and challenges, we define measurable goals, conduct a baseline study and develop an action plan. We support you though the entire journey from business objective to result, from ad to sales, from offline to online.

OFF-ROAD was founded by Niels Viby Mogensen in the summer 2011, with the goal of creating an agency with a broader strategic focus and perspective addressing all factors affecting a business’ digital marketing. In connection to this, it is important to mention that OFF-ROAD is unique in Denmark. We are both independent and Danish owned. We are independent because we are not subject to requirements from international group owners. Furthermore, OFF-ROAD is 100% Danish owned. This means that OFF-ROAD’s management can focus on adjusting workflows, conditions, fee agreements and team structure to the needs and wants of the specific customer. OFF-ROAD’s ownership gives us the opportunity be flexible towards customers.

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OFF-ROAD is officially certified “Google Partner”, which means that we meet the strict requirements that Google put towards agencies to become Analytics Certified and Adwords Partner.

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