1.   Baseline Study

First we make a baseline study based on relevant weab analytics data, insights, knowledge and experience from your previous and current digital activities.

2.   Strategy

Next we draw up your strategy, which describes how your business will achieve bigger effects from your marketing activities. OFF-ROAD works as your partner where data, insights, technology, ideas and professional discussion results in an action plan that ensures clear focus and direction in your digital media and marketing plan.

3. Development & Implementation

We develop your digital marketing platform, e.g. campaign sites, banners, video, SEM and SEO texts, as well as mobile solutions. We ensure a connecting thread between all elements and then develop and implement the media plan that will give the greatest return with respect to your business objectives.

4.   Optimization

We continually evaluate and optimize your digital activities. We analyze your data on a daily basis and move the budgets where they best benefit your digital goals and business results.